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Revolutionizing the medical device industry with our patented, FDA-registered microsurgical device, ORASIS.
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Our Product: ORASIS

A game-changing, 3D printed, patented, FDA-registered, microsurgical background device, with continuous and autonomous irrigation and suction

  • ORASIS: The Future of Vascular Anastomosis Surgery

    ORASIS is a revolutionary device that provides continuous autonomous irrigation and suction for vascular anastomosis, eliminating the need for surgical assistants, reducing operative time by 30% and optimizing precision, safety and costs.

  • Why Choose ORASIS?

    Benefits for Surgeons: 

    • Reduction in operative time by 30%
    • Improved vessel clarity - precise, efficient and safe surgery
    • No assistant requirement/fees

    Benefits for Academic and Private Practice Institutions: 

    • Cost savings through reduced operative time - ORASIS pays for itself in 2.7 minutes of use
    • Reduced complications and return to the Operating Room - significant cost saving

    Benefits for Patients: 

    • Reduced complications, faster recovery, earlier discharge
    • Better patient outcomes and satisfaction

Features of ORASIS

Discover the innovative features of our patented device.

  • 3D Printed
    Our device is 3D printed, ensuring high quality and precision.
  • Autonomous Irrigation and Suction
    ORASIS, through its patented microfluidic channel underlayer, provides continuous autonomous irrigation and suction for vascular anastomosis.
  • FDA-Registered
    Our device is FDA-registered, ensuring its safety and effectiveness.


  • Selected in the competitive MedTech Innovator Accelerator 2024
  • Endorsed by the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS)
  • Awarded the ASPS Innovation Challenge Prize 2023
  • Selected on to the competitive NHS CEP Programme

The Avance Innovations Team

50+ years experience spanning surgery, medical device development with 30+ patents, regulatory affairs, scientific publishing with 350+ publications, and commercialization. We strive tirelessly to deliver an exceptional experience for you.
  • Headshot
    Dr Ankur Khajuria, MD PhD
    Founder & CEO
    University of Oxford-educated, Resident Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon & NHS Clinical Entrepreneur. Oxford Kellogg Scholar and Founder of High Yield UK, an international consultancy providing online education, courses, 1-1 mentoring for residency programmes in UK and US, postgraduate exams and academic research
  • Jp
    Prof Joon Pio Hong, MD PhD MBA
    Founder & CMO
    Professor of Plastic Surgery and President-Elect of the World Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery (WSRM). Chief of International Business Development at Asan Medical Centre (Korea), which led to opening the first international branch GI hospital in Dubai, UAE. Executive board member for Korea’s leading IT company Naver, 2nd largest pharmaceutical company Daewoong and Seoul Semiconductor. 30+ patents
  • Juan cto
    Dr Juan Fernandez, MSc
    Bioengineer with expertise in 3D printing, material science, biofabrication, biomechanics and device development
  • Andre
    Dr Andre Riesinger, MD
    Sales, Marketing and Distribution
    Former CEO of a multinational wound care player. Current CEO of Benion, an international medical device consulting firm, who has consulted 70+ medical device startups, small companies and global multinational players.

How to Get ORASIS

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    Step 2: Discuss Your Needs

    Our team will discuss your needs and how ORASIS can benefit your practice.
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    Step 3: Place Your Order

    Once you're ready, place your order and we'll ship ORASIS to you.
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Product feedback

"This will become the standard of care for every micro; like how we now use a coupler device for every venous anastomosis, instead of hand sewn anastomosis"

Microsurgeon, London, UK

"ORASIS will be a game-changer - especially in private practice, where the surgeon can do the micro themselves, and the assistant can close the donor site at same time, massively cutting operative time."

Microsurgeon, London, UK

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